A1A Redesign Project

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) intends to make improvements to the portion of State Road AIA located in the Town of Hillsboro Beach, Florida. 

The proposed plans and specifications for the improvements to State Road A1A includes increasing the elevation in specific locations, addressing the width of vehicular traffic lanes,  the width and location of bicycle lanes, and the design and construction of a pedestrian sidewalk in a specific location of the Town.

The Town Commission of the Town of Hillsboro Beach supports the following specific key elements to the design and specifications currently being developed by FDOT relative to the improvements to be made to that portion of State Road A1A located in Hillsboro Beach, Florida:


1.         Vehicle lanes to be maintained as presently exists and in any event no less than eleven (11) feet in width.

2.         Limit bike lanes to 4’.

3.         Sidewalk beginning at S.E. 10th Street and terminating at Opal Tower (1150 Hillsboro Mile).

4.     Elevating the southern portion of town to eliminate flooding due to king tides, increased rainfall intensity and incorporating Broward County’s projected sea-level rise into design.

5.         Maintain 35mph speed limit.

6.         Additional crosswalks at Imperial and Le Baron/Illuminated crosswalks at all crosswalks in town.