Beach Re-nourishment Project

Beach Re-nourishment ProjectThe Town of Hillsboro Beach Nourishment Project began Monday, February 17, 2020. The contractor for the project, Rio Bak, and the staging area for the project is located at 1175 Hillsboro Mile. Moffatt & Nichol is the Town’s coastal engineering consultant that designed and permitted the project, and this firm will also be monitoring the construction on behalf of the Town. The work includes the truck haul of approximately 70,350 cubic yards of fill from Stewart Immokalee Mine with placement between FDEP monuments R-6+750 to R-9+500 (from the north end of the Town down to the north end of the staging area). The elevation of the design berm for the beach fill is +7.5 ft NAVD, with a 0.5-foot tolerance. The design berm width varies along the length of the Project. The seaward design slope of the fill is 1.0 foot vertical to I 0.0 feet horizontal ( 1 V: 1 OH), extending from the seaward edge of the berm to the existing seabed. The total Project length is approximately 2,850 linear feet. The Work will be substantially completed on or before April 15, 2020, and completed and ready for final payment April 30, 2020. Updates will be posted on the Town’s web site periodically.

Residents and visitors should use caution when visiting the beach as heavy equipment will be operating up/down the beach, and sections of the beach will be closed, generally 300-400 linear feet at a time, as the construction progresses generally from the north in a southward direction. The contractor will have ATV escorts with the dump trucks and temporary safety fencing will delineate the placement areas. In addition, 80-100 dump truck deliveries are anticipated to the staging area.