Vice Mayor Barbara Baldasarre

  1. Barbara Baldasarre (2023)

    Vice Mayor Baldasarre was born and raised in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania. There she cultivated an appreciation for quality small town living and a close family.  She went on to obtain her Diploma in Nursing in Ashland, PA, her Bachelors in Nursing and her Master’s Degree in Health Sciences Administration from Jersey City State University.  Always eager to learn and improve, she also obtained a post graduate certificate in Public Administration.   

    Vice Mayor Barbara Baldasarre

    Vice Mayor Baldasarre believes there’s no greater gift than service.   With her compassion and natural ability to make everyone feel at ease, it’s no surprise she had a successful career in Nursing and Health Care Administration.  

    Proud Citizen and Community Involvement  

    Early on, Vice Mayor Baldasarre understood the importance of service. Throughout her career, she has served on a number of advisory boards, civic groups and associations.  She championed a multitude of causes – ranging from scholarship support for college students to Hurricane Emergency Relief efforts. 

    Prior to becoming a member of the Town Commission, Vice Mayor Baldasarre wanted to be actively involved in the Hillsboro Beach community, which propelled her into public service.   She regularly attended the Hillsboro Beach Commission Meetings to gain a better understanding of local government and help find solutions to move the Town forward.    

    Vice Mayor Baldasarre was elected to the Town of Hillsboro Beach Commission on March 14, 2017.   One of her initial priorities was to work with the Town Clerk and the newly appointed Town Manager to assist with the transition in the “Town Manager - Town Commission” form of government.  She brought forth ideas and suggestions to help bring order and structure to the Town government.   

    Vice Mayor Baldasarre and her husband Constantino, lovingly known as Connie, eventually landed in Hillsboro Beach, Florida in 2005.  She supports programs to provide resources and services to seniors. She currently maintains her nursing license in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida.  She continues to work toward progress and improvements for the Town of Hillsboro Beach.  

  1. Vice Mayor Barbara Baldasarre

    Physical Address
    1210 Hillsboro Mile
    Hillsboro Beach, FL 33062


    Fax: 954-427-4834