Commissioner /Treasurer Vicky Feaman

  1. Vicky Feaman - Mar 2022

    Commissioner Vicky Feaman was first elected to the Hillsboro Beach Town Commission March 2015, she is currently serving her 2nd term as Commissioner. Her public service includes appointment as Vice Mayor of Hillsboro Beach, and she currently serves as Town Treasurer.

    Her love for the ocean started early as a young child enjoying the Long Island Sound summers filled with sailing, water skiing and tennis. Commissioner Feaman was born in Salem, Massachusetts and raised in Woodmont, Connecticut. As a young adult she left Woodmont, CT to pursue her career in the computer industry. 

    Proud Citizen and Community Involvement 

    Commissioner Feaman currently serves as President of the Hillsboro Square Condo Association. Her community service includes organizing and spearheading Beach Cleanup Projects and Hounds of Hillsboro Beach event. As an avid proponent of sustainable living, she promotes and encourages responsible recycling within the Town. 

    As a 25-year resident of the Town of Hillsboro Beach, Commissioner Feaman understands what’s needed to move the Town forward. She is committed to Hillsboro Beach and takes great pride in serving its citizens. She enjoys staying active – you can frequently find her at the Tennis Center. Commissioner Feaman and her loyal Standard Poodle, Miss Maddy, continues to enjoy the good life that Hillsboro Beach offers.

  1. Commissioner / Treasurer Vicky Feaman

    Physical Address
    1210 Hillsboro Mile
    Hillsboro Beach, FL 33062


    Phone: : 954-427-4011
    Fax: : 954-427-4834