Commissioner David Ravanesi

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    Born in Everett Massachusetts and a graduate of Everett high School, David then enlisted in the U S Marine Corps for four years where he did one tour of duty in Atsugi Japan in a fighter squadron and was then honorably discharged. He came home to work in the family business and after the sale of that business, he went on to work for NYNEX now Verizon for 21 years as a sales manager and regional director of public Affairs/Relations with 50 communities under his jurisdiction solving telephone related issues. At the same time he ran for public office and served as a ward councilor and then a city wide alderman both on a part time basis, for 21 years  then went full time as Director of Public Works and then as the mayors aide. David served as the President of the Lowell Mass Chamber of Commerce. He has owned their Florida condo for 35 years and lived here full time for the last 15 years. While here he has worked on several federal, congressional, and senatorial campaigns. He has been happily married for 56 years to the love of his life Mary and has one son David and two beautiful grandchildren Aaron and Juliana.  

  1. Commissioner David Ravanesi

    Physical Address
    1210 Hillsboro Mile
    Hillsboro Beach, FL 33062


    Fax: 954-427-4834