About Hillsboro Beach

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Florida’s Magnificent Mile  

The Town of Hillsboro Beach is beautifully situated on a narrow peninsula between the shimmering Intracoastal Waterway and the clear blue Atlantic Ocean. The Town’s Southern boundary is punctuated by the Hillsboro Inlet and the majestic and historic Hillsboro Lighthouse. The Town’s total length is about 3 miles and at its widest part is only about 900 feet. 

The Hillsboro Lighthouse is one of the Town’s most prominent attractions. As early as 1855 this portion of the Atlantic Ocean was designated as being hazardous for the safe navigation of shipping, and the Federal government was requested to fund a lighthouse to provide the necessary warnings to mariners. This request, however, was rejected 17 times over the years, and took an additional 46 years before the Federal government in 1901 finally agreed to provide $90,000 to build a “first-order light at or near Hillsboro Point”. After various construction delays and with major components of the lighthouse coming from such diverse locations as Detroit, Michigan and Paris, France, the light house was finally put into service in 1907. This structure marks the northern end of the Florida Reef and extends 138 feet skyward. It is capped with a 5.5 million candle power light, making it one of the tallest and most well-lit lighthouses on the east coast of The United States and provides an outstanding view in all directions. The lighthouse is open for tours on a very limited basis conducted by the Hillsboro Lighthouse Preservation Society. 

Unique to the Town is that it has only one road, with this road running north-south for the entire length of the Town. Travelers through the Town will see views of large estate homes and beachside condominiums. The Town is almost exclusively residential. There are approximately 50 single-family residences, and the rest of those residing in Town live in condominiums. There is only one hotel for visitors and there are no commercial properties within the Town. The Town takes pride in its protection of its high concentration of sea turtle nests during the nesting season. At the south end of Town is the Hillsboro Inlet which provides safe navigational passage for boats crossing between the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. Located within the Hillsboro Inlet is a marina containing an extensive fleet of charter boats available for excellent daily deep water fishing trips and other marine excursions. 

The Town’s official population is approximately 2,000, although the population increases significantly in the winter months as property owners return to seasonally occupy their residences.