Finance Department

The Town of Hillsboro Beach is committed to excellence in budgeting and financial reporting. We are partnered with Inframark Infrastructure Management Services to provide a full range of customized financial and water utility billing services. With direction from the Town Manger, the support staff manages the financial activity of the Town to provide accurate and timely financial reports. This information is utilized by Town management, elected officials and the citizens of Hillsboro Beach. Services include accounts payable/receivable, payroll, budget, purchasing, investments, debt management and financial reporting.

Stephen Bloom, Finance Director, leads the Finance Department and is responsible for coordinating banking and investment services and assisting auditors in issue resolution. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in finance and management and has more than 10 years of accounting and finance experience with a background which includes managing financial services provided to multiple municipal and corporate organizations.

With pure alignment with the Town’s commitment to transparency and fiscal responsibility, Inframark provides the highest standards infinancial and management services through the development and implementation of sound planning, policies, procedures and practices.

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  1. Stephen Bloom, Finance Director

    Stephen Bloom

    Finance Director

  2. Finance Department/ INFRAMARK

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