sandThe joint beach nourishment between the Town of Hillsboro Beach and the City of Deerfield Beach will place approximately 233,000 cubic yards of beach-compatible sand onto the southern beach. The project will utilize a 30’’ cutterhead suction dredge located at the Boca Raton Inlet ebb shoal.

The dredge will first construct the South Boca Raton Beach Nourishment Project prior to extending the pipeline approximately 17,000 feet south into the Town of Hillsboro Beach.  The South Boca Raton project will also place approximately 200,000 cubic yards of sand. The South Boca Raton project is anticipated to last approximately 3-4 four weeks and conclude by the end of March. Once the pipeline is extended, the Deerfield/Hillsboro Beach portion is anticipated to last approximately 3-4 weeks and be concluded by the end of April.


What is Beach Erosion?

Wind, waves, and currents continually supply and remove sand from the beach. Erosion occurs when these forces remove more sand than they supply. The natural movement of sand on and off the beach and along the coast is disrupted when inlets are created or enlarged, when development is allowed in the active dune, and by the placement of coastal structures like seawalls. Rising sea level and diminishing sand supply also contribute to beach erosion.

How Beach Nourishment Works

Beach nourishment involves pumping or trucking sand onto the beach to rebuild an eroding shoreline. Nourishment is the most natural beach restoration solution. In addition to the aesthetic enhancements, wider beaches enhance recreation, provide storm protection for roads and buildings, and potentially improve sea turtle nesting habitats.

Beach quality sand used for nourishment projects typically comes from offshore sand deposits, inlet shoals or is obtained from inland sources like sand mines.

How long is the project expected to last?

The Town of Hillsboro Beach /Deerfield Beach portion of the project is anticipated to last approximately four weeks starting in April 2023.

How much of the beach will be impacted?

The pipeline will be extended from the Boca Raton Inlet approximately 17,000 feet south into the Town of Hillsboro Beach.

Why are we adding sand?

The entire town of Hillsboro Beach and the South End of Deerfield Beach along the   northern Broward County is a 3.8-mile-long stretch of beach that is deemed critically eroded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection from (R3 – R23). Private development is threatened throughout this area between R4.5 and R23.

Why are we utilizing dredged sand instead of a truck haul?

We are utilizing sand to take advantage of economies of scale and to reduce the overall cost and time of the project.  

Will I be able to use the beach during construction?

Yes. Access to the ocean will be provided via walkways over the pipe at predetermined sections of the pipeline. There will be crews to oversee the pipeline 24 hours, 7 days a week as this project goes on.