Permits & Regulations

Development Permits

All development (new construction, additions, renovations, alterations to properties, etc.) in the Town of Hillsboro Beach requires a construction permit. Dependent on the development approval requested, a Site Plan approval may also be required. All permit and Site Plan approvals will need to comply with the minimum Flood Zone finish floor elevation. Contact the Town's Building Department at Town Hall 954-427-4011 press 1) for information on the type of permit required. Please notify the Building Department of any property development without permit or if illegal dumping of material or debris into the intracoastal waterway is observed.

Substantial Improvement/Damage Requirements

The Town's Land Development Regulations (Ordinance  266) require reconstruction of damaged buildings, where the repair cost exceeds 50% of the market value, to comply with all flood plain requirements and current zoning and building standards. If the finished floor elevation of the building is below flood plain requirements, the building will need to be elevated above the base flood elevation.