Flood Warning System

The Town of Hillsboro Beach, in coordination with Broward County, Deerfield Beach and the National Hurricane Center, has a warning system in place to notify local residents of impending storms and flood danger. The National Hurricane Center will issue a Hurricane Watch when a hurricane landfall is expected within 48 hours. A Hurricane Warning will be issued when a hurricane strike is expected within 36 hours.

Warnings will be transmitted on television, radio, and if necessary, on a door-to-door basis. Many of the local TV and Radio Stations provide simulcast broadcasting during storm events and there are several City Operated Radio Stations in the Broward Area. A link to station listings can be found on the Town's webpage. Anyone requiring special assistance should notify the Town's Police Department at 954-427-6600, as soon as possible! The public should listen for instructions during times of flood risk. Town residents can pick up a copy of the Town's disaster plans, instructions, and evacuation routes in the lobby at Town Hall.