Patrol Division

The Town of Hillsboro Beach Patrol Division is the fundamental element of the police department. The Hillsboro Beach Patrol Division is recognized as the front line of the Police Department’s daily operations and utilizes enforcement techniques that are evaluated daily and thoroughly analyzed annually to better serve Hillsboro Beach.

The Patrol Division is the largest and most visible part of the police agency. The Patrol Division encompasses a marine vessel, bicycles, all terrain vehicle (ATV) and marked patrol units. Our highly trained officers serve their community and we encourage residents of Hillsboro Beach to approach members of the Hillsboro Beach Police and express their concerns. We are always willing to stop and talk to you as the Patrol Division is the backbone of our agency and are prideful in the community they have sworn to serve.

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The Patrol Division's primary mission is to provide our community with quality police service and is committed to creating an environment that is safe and secure, by deterring crime, resolving issues, maintaining safe roadways and protecting life and property of our citizens.