Marine Unit

The Town of Hillsboro Beach is a barrier island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. The Hillsboro Beach Marine Unit ("The Marine Unit") was established in 2008 by Chief Thomas Nagy.

The Marine Unit is guided by the Enhanced Marine Law Enforcement Grant with the primary mission of response to all water-related incidents and emergencies which occur within the waterways of the town of Hillsboro Beach. The Marine Unit is comprised of highly trained marine vessel operators to address both the criminal and safety issues within the town's waterways.

Police boat

Unit Goals

The primary goal of the Marine Unit is to ensure the safety of all vessel operators and enhance security to Hillsboro Beach residents. In addition, the Marine Unit educates recreational vessel operators in proper boating techniques. The officers assigned to the Marine Unit enforce all federal, state and local maritime regulations and statutes, conduct inspections on a variety of watercraft, and provide assistance to all law enforcement agencies and public entities engaged in maritime activities in the Town of Hillsboro Beach.

Equipment & Funding

The Police Vessel, a 2008 27-foot Contender was donated to the Town of Hillsboro Beach by Lodge Number 61 of the Fraternal Order of Police. Lodge 61 also provided funding for outfitting the vessel, training and marine uniforms. Currently, the Marine Unit receives approximately twenty-six thousand dollars ($26,000.00) per year in grant monies for Police Vessel operations.