Property & Evidence

The Hillsboro Police Department Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for the control, storage, and security of physical evidence and property collected by its employees in a manner that preserves the item in its original condition. To this end, the Department will securely maintain the item(s) and complete records of the acquisition and transfer of the property until final disposition.

The Property and Evidence Unit is located at:
1210 Hillsboro Mile
Suite B
Hillsboro Beach, Fl 33062

Our telephone number is 954-427-6600.

Retrieving Property

If you wish to retrieve your property that is being held by the Hillsboro Police Department please read the following guidelines:

  • We ask that you call ahead (you will need your case number) to confirm that we have your property and that it is available for release.
  • Your case number and photo identification is required for the return of property.
  • Proof of ownership is required.
  • In some cases other documentation may be required.
  • You may assign another person to retrieve your property with a notarized letter of authorization and photo identification. The letter must be addressed to the Hillsboro Beach Police Department and include:
    • The case number
    • The name of the person you are granting this authority
    • Your signature
    • Notary stamp and signature

Property Disposal

All property will be disposed of in accordance with chapter 705 of the Florida State Statutes. The title unclaimed evidence, which is lawfully seized, shall vest permanently in the law enforcement agency 60 days after the conclusion of a proceeding. Similarly, found property will be returned to its lawful owner as soon as possible. We do not hold auctions at the police department, all disposed of property is transferred to Property Room, Police Auctions Online.

Another link to locate property that was stolen is provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.