*** *** *** Beach Renourishment Program Restarted On March 8th With Return Of More Favorable Conditions ***

Welcome to the Town Of Hillsboro Beach

On behalf of Mayor Deb Tarrant, Vice-Mayor Irene Kirdahy, Commissioner/Treasurer Vicky Feaman, Commissioners Don Taggart, and Barbara Baldasarre the Town of Hillsboro Beach Welcomes You.



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Emergency Beach Renourishment

February 21 – March 21 (Approximately)

Due to accelerated excessive beach erosion at the north end of Town which is jeopardizing buildings in that area, it has been necessary to initiate an emergency beach renourishment program. The project will entail bringing in and distributing approximately 33,700 cubic yards of sand by truck on about one quarter mile of beach. The project is scheduled to start on February 21st and continue for approximately a month.

Trucks will enter Town from the south and proceed on Hillsboro Mile to the vacant property at 1175 – 1185 Hillsboro Mile. The sand will then be transferred to other large trucks capable of operating on the beach. The empty trucks will then continue north on Hillsboro Mile.

At the same time the beach trucks will transport the sand up the beach to the north end of Town to renourish the severely eroded area. It is currently anticipated this project will operate Monday through Friday with approximately 100 large trucks daily entering and leaving the Town on Hillsboro Mile. At the same time there will be continuous truck operations on the beach between 1185 and 1239 Hillsboro Mile. With turtle nesting season starting March 1st, the beach will be inspected daily before commencing operations to ensure no turtle eggs are endangered. For additional information, please call Town Hall, 954-427-4011.

Updated Town Compehensive Plan Governing Future Growth To Be Reviewed At Town Commission Meeting April 3, 2018 At 9:00 a.m. In Town Commission Chambers. For Additional Information, Go To

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