Flooding and Evacuation

This is an annual publication of the Town of Hillsboro Beach, Florida to provide flood information required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as part of the Community Rating System (CRS) in order to qualify for reduced costs for flood insurance. The following information is offered to Hillsboro Beach residents to help prevent and minimize adverse impacts on lives and property caused by floodwaters.
The Town of Hillsboro Beach is located on a barrier island and, as such, is susceptible to flooding due to storm events and abnormal tidal conditions. The Town has been mapped by FEMA and many properties are located in flood prone areas. Generally, the portion of the Town located east of SRA1A is susceptible to storm surges associated with tropical storms and hurricanes producing waves and velocities. Portions of the Town area west of SRA1A may also be prone to flooding due to tidal conditions associated with the Intracoastal Waterway. Hurricanes Frances, Jeanne and Wilma provide reminders of recent potential flood threats. Category 1 and 2 hurricanes can produce storm surges of 4 to 7 feet. Town residents and businesses can get information on Flood Zones and on minimizing flood impacts under the Flooding and Evacuation heading on the Town’s website (http://www.townofhillsborobeach.com) and at Town Hall.
The Town of Hillsboro Beach, in coordination with Broward County, Deerfield Beach and the National Hurricane Center, has a warning system in place to notify local residents of impending storms and flood danger. The National Hurricane Center will issue a Hurricane Watch when a hurricane landfall is expected within 48 hours. A Hurricane Warning will be issued when a hurricane strike is expected within 36 hours.
Warnings will be transmitted on television, radio, and if necessary, on a door-to-door basis. Many of the local TV and Radio Stations provide simulcast broadcasting during storm events and there are several City Operated Radio Stations in the Broward Area. A link to station listings can be found on the Town’s webpage. Anyone requiring special assistance should notify the Town’s Police Department at 954-427-6600, NOW! The public should listen for instructions during times of flood risk. Town residents can pick up a copy of the Town's disaster plans, instructions, and evacuation routes in the lobby at Town Hall.
Follow these precautionary steps before possible flooding:
  • Do not drive or wade in a flooded area
  • Stay clear of unstable banks
  • Know your evacuation zone and route to the shelter
  • Obey warning and evacuation instructions from disaster officials
  • Take your own essentials (food, toiletries, clothes, blankets, etc.) to the shelter
  • Turn off the electricity and gas before leaving your home
  • Have a portable radio, battery-operated flashlight and emergency supplies
  • Keep important papers and insurance documents in a safety deposit box
  • Be careful at all times and try to remain calm
FEMA reports there is a 26% chance of experiencing a flood situation during the life of a 30 year mortgage. Most homeowner's insurance policies do not cover losses due to floodwaters. To insure your property for flood damage, you need a flood insurance policy. If you do not have valid flood insurance, contact an insurance agent immediately to arrange for coverage. DO NOT WAIT! THERE IS A (THIRTY) 30-DAY WAITING PERIOD FOR NEW INSURANCE TO BECOME EFFECTIVE! There are two types of Flood Insurance coverage: building property (up to $250,000); and, personal property (contents up to $100,000). It is suggested both policies be purchased. Policies are also available for condominiums and for renters who can insure possessions. The Town of Hillsboro Beach participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to provide Town residents with the initial qualification to purchase flood insurance.
FEMA and Broward County adopted revised flood hazard areas on August 18, 2014. Broward County has an interactive Flood Zone Map for Broward County that depicts the Special Flood Hazard Areas within the County and the Town. The Map can be accessed and individual property addresses can be used to identify if a property is located within a Flood Zone.
The website location for the Interactive Map is:
The bottom of the webpage provides instructions for locating a specific property and any FEMA flood zone designations. After clicking on the map use the search box in the upper right portion of the page to input a Town address.
The Town adopted an updated Floodplain Management Ordinance in Ordinance 266 on June 3, 2014. The Ordinance incorporates the new Flood Zone Hazard Maps, regulations for properties within the flood hazard area and provides consistency with the Florida Building Code.
Be aware and know the flood risk and the flood elevation for your location. This information is available from Town Hall. There are various ways to minimize property losses from flood damage including:
  • Be advised that homeowner’s and windstorm insurance do not cover flooding. The National Flood Insurance Program is administered by the Federal government and policies are sold through insurance agents. Consider flood insurance even if you live in an area not susceptible to flooding.
  • Protect against high winds by installing storm shutters and a reinforced garage door.
  • Moving household items to higher locations, sandbagging, or upgrading your property.
  • Moving furniture and other household valuables to rooms or spaces in the upper story in a two-story dwelling or a location higher than the regular floor elevation in a single-story home.
  • Placing sandbags in strategic places around your property prior to flood status. When sandbags are placed correctly at proper locations they can slow up and divert floodwaters.
  • Upgrading your property can include building floodwalls, elevating a structure, etc.
The Town’s Building Department can provide you with a list of contractors/consultants that possess a Certificate of Competency from the Broward County Central Board of Examiners or State of Florida. These contractors will be able to help you upgrade your property. Funding assistance may be available for repetitive loss properties from FEMA to mitigate the exposure to flood damage.
All development (new construction, additions, renovations, alterations to properties, etc.) in the Town of Hillsboro Beach requires a construction permit. Dependent on the development approval requested, a Site Plan approval may also be required. All permit and Site Plan approvals will need to comply with the minimum Flood Zone finish floor elevation. Contact the Town’s Building Department at Town Hall (954-427-4011 press 1) for information on the type of permit required. Please notify the Building Department of any property development without permit or if illegal dumping of material or debris into the Intracoastal Waterway is observed.
The Town’s Land Development Regulations (Ordinance No. 266) require reconstruction of damaged buildings, where the repair cost exceeds 50% of the market value, to comply with all flood plain requirements and current zoning and building standards. If the finished floor elevation of the building is below flood plain requirements, the building will need to be elevated above the base flood elevation.
The majority of the Town’s storm surge areas are located, east of SRA1A and east of the dune area. The Town restricts building east of the Easterly Building Line and has zoned this area Private Recreation – Conservation. In many locations, native vegetation is maintained and the natural dune protects properties from storm surges. This area and the shoreline of the Intracoastal Waterway provide important benefits to water quality and marine resources.
The Intracoastal Waterway is a major part of the County’s drainage system and it is important to maintain the system. The Town’s regulations prohibit the dumping of any material and debris into the Waterway. Please notify Town Hall at 954-427-4011 if dumping or discharges into the Waterway are observed.
The Percy White Branch of the Broward County Library, located at 837 East Hillsboro Boulevard, has information on flood insurance, flood protection, and flood plain management rate reductions.
FEMA Flood Smart:
Residential Flood Insurance at FEMA Flood Smart:
National Hurricane Center – NHC Active Tropical Cyclones:
Broward County Hurricane Website:
City Operated Radio Stations:
BC TV Simulcasting Radios:
Town residents should contact or visit Town Hall to obtain the flood zone information for their property and to obtain historical data regarding flooding in your area and other flood-related threats to your property. Town Hall also maintains copies of Federal Elevation Certificates that have been issued on structures after 2008. The Elevation Certificates are required to obtain flood insurance and are available for public review. Town Hall is located at 1210 Hillsboro Mile, Hillsboro Beach, Florida 33062. The phone number for Town Hall is 954-427-4011.
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