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Welcome to the Town Of Hillsboro Beach

On behalf of Mayor Deb Tarrant, Vice-Mayor Irene Kirdahy, Commissioner/Treasurer Vicky Feaman and Commissioners Barbara Baldasarre and Andrew Brown, the Town of Hillsboro Beach Welcomes You.



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The Town of Hillsboro Beach

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Saturday service effective May 4, 2013


April 18, 2013


You drink it.

You bathe in it.

You cook with it.


But, do you ever THINK about it?

Drinking Water Weekis May 5-11, 2013. Water is an essential part of our lives, but the supply is limited. So making conservation part of our daily routines is crucial—and you can do so with a water-conserving toilet!

The Broward Water Partnership, which includes the Town of Hillsboro Beach and 17 other local governments and water utilities, is offering rebates of up to $100 each on high efficiency toilets.Even better, once you install a water-conserving toilet, you’ll save without having to think twice about it!

The rebate program is open to homes, businesses and nonprofits. Eligible applicants must be replacing toilets that use more than 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf) with WaterSense® toilets that use 1.28 gpf or less.

Pre-approval is required and other restrictions may apply.

So… think while you drink and wash but you’ll never have to think about the flush again!

Apply for a rebate today by visiting: http://conservationpays.com/partners/hillsboro-beach

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